I'm a co-founder of the civic technology startup RideAlong.

I've spent the past year on a three-person team at Code for America. Our year-long project focused on creating safer interactions between Seattle Police Department officers and individuals with mental illnesses.

In May 2015, I earned a master's degree in Information and Management Systems from UC Berkeley's School of Information. My focus was on UX research and design, and my subject specialty is digital publishing. For my project-based master's thesis, my team reimagined the ebook reading experience and designed a tool for creating digital-first ebooks (link).

I spent 5 years at Google. From 2010-2012, I worked on scaled publisher support for Google Books. From 2011-2013, I also helped launch Google Currents and Google Magazines, concentrating post-launch on scaling partner support and improving content quality. I now work on publisher advocacy, international launch prep, and BI for Google Play Newsstand. I also did a 20% project with the Google Play research team for 6 months.

I graduated from Yale University with a BA in Literature in 2010. My particular areas of interest were Japanese and experimental literature, including born-digital literature. I wrote a major paper on the social and technological factors that led to the creation and success of Japanese cell phone novels.


  • Qualitative Research: Usability studies (desktop and mobile), remote studies, contextual inquiries, interviews, heuristic evaluations, surveys, card sorting, personas and scenarios

  • Interaction Design: Wireframing, UI development, user flow mapping, conceptual modeling, information architecture

  • Software and Programming: HTML, CSS, JavaScript; Balsamiq; Sketch; InVision; Adobe Illustrator, InDesign, Photoshop; Tableau; SQL

  • Project Management: Pre-launch Planning, Policies, Monitoring


Email: meredith@getridealong.com

Twitter: @meredithhitchco

LinkedIn: meredithahitchcock