Google Play | Research

Summer 2014, Spring 2015


  • Usability studies for Google Play apps
  • Concept testing for Google Play apps and Play store
  • Support full-time researchers in formative research
  • Create scripts for usability studies


  • Presentations for the Product, Design, Partnerships, and Merchandising teams
  • Detailed written reports
  • Competitive analyses
  • Summaries of market landscape to support contextual inquiries

Sample Work - Google Play Newsstand Usability Test


  • Identify which of two first-time user flows was more intuitive
  • Assess whether the redesign of the app to align with Material Design standards affected usability for three key tasks
  • Probe user understanding of features like personalization


  • Logs Analysis: Reviewed usage from the past 30 days to identify dropoff points and track usage patterns.
  • Usability Testing
    • Assisted the lead researcher in writing a usability script and coming up with the screener
    • Took turns moderating and taking notes for 8 usability tests
    • 4 testers were shown one "warm welcome," and 4 were shown a different "warm welcome"
    • Presented key findings to the product manager


  • Recommended which flow the product team should move forward with
  • Identified usability issues with the in-app navigation
  • Suggested modifications to the language users see the first time they use the app